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whats a bitch to a nigga with the m’s..

" so hood im pourin' codeine in my coffee.."
” so hood im pourin’ codeine in my coffee..”

Rainbows…sunshine…everywhere I go

Last summer I found myself really depressed one day so went outside. At the time I really didn’t know that walking was so helpful to the body and the mind. I’ve been taking a walk class at school ( I know, weird ) but it built up my endurance to where I was walking 2 to 3 miles everyday with no problem. Outside I just felt like I was able to leave all my problems. I started to really get to know myself. My thoughts was clearer and not to mention the weight I was losing was also a plus. So I decided to start taking it seriously. Start drinking water and eating healthy. Still smoking weed like a Rasta but it’s all g. While walking I pointed out all the things I was wasting my time on, like talking to ppl I didn’t like. So I deleted my Facebook and Instagram and stop replying to text messages. I deleted myself from earth. Nobody knew anything about me anymore, I just disappeared. I only had one friend anyway and she decided to do the same. I have to say that I was hurting with boredom for a few day but my motivation was to do something different with myself and start over. I started reading, which was very great. Reading was like the icing on the cake for me, It helped me really escape from my problems. Anyway, I ended up losing 25lbs. I always had a big butt and a smaller waist , never really cared for it until my ass got smaller lol but now my thighs are toned and my stomach is a lot flatter. I think this year I might make a new Instagram and show everyone what I been up too. I’m 21 now and when I look back I could have been doing a whole lot worse if I never decided to take that walk lol it’s crazy how if you give yourself sometime the benefits from it are amazing.

Your core.

Your core.

One of the hardest things in the world is staying true to yourself. We’ve heard it many times over and over and over again. You’d think that it’ll be a breeze but with everything in the world going on it’s just that easy to get influenced pulling you farther away from your core. Technology has made life extremely transform. We can now do things that wasn’t possible, giving us powers to do great thing bringing other great changes. I think as a person it’s important that you try to find who you are and stay true to your core because it’s what makes you different. If we all copy each other who will explore the new things that can change the world. It takes a strong and centered person to listen to their heart and follow it. You have to give up everything and some just to experience that all time happiness. Staying true to your core is the greatest accomplishment in life to achieve.